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List of The Office (U.S. TV series) characters - Wikipedia Afterward, Jim receives a text message from them welcoming Pam into the family, and Pam suggests they should "prank" Tom about being bald over Thanksgiving. The Office: 22 Crazy Fan Theories That Change Everything It’s been the belief for a long time that Jim sought out Pam that night in order to kiss her after he admitted his feelings for her. 10th Anniversary MTT Survey Results – More Than That What got you into reading Office fanfics? Unsurprisingly, the Casino Night confession and kiss is what roped in most people, though a few of you apparently just stumbled onto the site

At the Casino Night, Jim finally tells Pam how he feels about her.What began as furtive glances gave way to a casino night kiss

Результаты поиска для jim-and-pam видео. Результаты поиска для jim-and-pam видео.

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In honor of the anniversary of Jim and Pam's first kiss, here are their 10 cutest moments on "The Office" In honor of the anniversary of Jim and Pam's first kiss, here are their 10 cutest moments ... Where was Jim and Pam's first kiss in 'The Office'? - Quora The first kiss between Jim and Pam happened during the season 2 finale, “Casino Night.” This episode featured Jim confessing his feelings for Pam in the parking lot outside Dunder Mifflin’s casino fundraiser. Later, Jim goes back to the office. Pam is already there talking to her mom on the phone in the dark and the two end up kissing and ...

Результаты поиска для jim-and-pam видео.

Pam Beesly images Casino Night Kiss HD wallpaper and ... Casino Night Kiss. Casino Night. HD Wallpaper and background images in the Pam Beesly club tagged: pam the office jim. Fan of it? 4 fans. Submitted by Temptasia. Jimmy Traina on Twitter: "Can we talk about the “Casino Night ... Can we talk about the “Casino Night” episode of The Office? It’s truly a perfect episode of television from start to finish. Also, everyone focuses on the Jim-Pam, kiss, but the chemistry in this scene is off the charts. The Office (Classic): “Conflict Resolution”/“Casino Night” The show’s second-season finale is a top-tier episode, one that couldn’t have arrived if NBC hadn’t shown The Office a little patience and allowed it to cultivate the cult that would eagerly hang on the big-finish kiss between Pam and Jim for the whole summer of 2006. But the episode itself is a beneficiary of time, patience, and space ...