Gambling appeals to basic human instincts

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The human brain is a sponge that collects and stores information. Practically, this means that the more hands a player plays, analyses, or just sees during his career, the better his instincts will get. The professional attitude, the learning and the background work has a huge role in our poker career. Do humans have instincts? : AskAnthropology No no no no no. What you have to understand is the difference between INSTINCTS and IMPULSES. Animals have instincts. Bees dancing, dogs fighting, whatever, are uncontrollable automatic responses. Human sexual urges are IMPULSES as are impulses like hunger, fear, etc. The difference is that urges do NOT have to be acted upon. Animal Instincts: Not What You Think They Are - Greater Good Scroll To Top Animal Instincts: Not What You Think They Are Marc Bekoff explains how many different animal species show grief, friendship, gratitude, wonder, and a range of other emotions. Port's Instinct List - Computer Science Port's Instinct List (April 9, 2000) See Introduction to Possible Human Instincts. Humans probably have an instinct to _____ . SUSTENANCE 1. eat and drink; seek food and water 2. seek sweet and fatty (nutritious) foods 3. avoid eating smelly or bitter things 4. be cautious about novel foods 5. seek better resources than presently available

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Feb 2, 2000 ... Culturally, the growth of the gambling industry is yet another example of social decay, a parasitic enterprise that appeals to the worst instincts: ...

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